With the spring weather tempting you to get out and start planting, it's a good idea to invest a little time getting your yard ready for the season. Here are a few tips on what you can do now to prepare your yard for spring.

Walk Your Yard

Before you start to do any yard work, it's a good idea to take a walk through your yard to survey any damage that has occurred over the winter. Look for any hanging branches or split limbs and cut off anything that is broken. Cut out any dead wood on your deciduous shrubs also.

Edge your garden beds

Define the edge around your garden beds using a garden edger. As you work your way around, kick any of the edging into the bed so it can be raked off after.

Clean Your Garden Beds

Cut down any perennial foliage remaining from last year and use a steel rake to clean the beds out. Remove all of the edging along with any leaves and branches.

Test your soil

Test your soil’s ph by taking samples from several places throughout your yard and adjust the soil’s ph accordingly. In our area we typically find the soil’s ph to be too low (acidic), requiring an application of lime.