1_historyWhen an eleven year old asks his parents for a four wheeler and is told, "Sure son, just go out and buy one" that generates both motivation and creativity. After knocking on about two hundred doors, and actually getting two people to say yes to gardening service, BTS Landscaping was officially launched. Twenty years later BTS continues to maintain those two properties.

2_historyDuring those years owner Brian Shernce received an education from Morris County College and Rutgers University in both Landscape Architecture and Business Economics. That education along with tremendous family support has allowed the expansion of BTS Landscaping to what it is today. Although a lot has changed over the years the commitment to customer service remains as the backbone of our success. 



philosophyAt BTS we consider ourselves stewards of the environment and understand our responsibility, not only to our clients, but also to the natural environment we live in. That is why we strive to create a positive relationship with nature in every landscape project we complete. In order to accomplish this we use regenerative design practices leading to projects that will prove sustainable over time.

Here are a few resources with more information on the principles we employ.

Sustainable sites initiative: http://www.sustainablesites.org 

The Hannover Principles: http://www.mindfully.org/Sustainability/Hannover-Principles.htm 

U.S. Green Building Council: http://www.usgbc.org/