To start the planning phase we’ll complete a thorough site analysis and investigate local and state requirements.  All of this information will give us a good understanding of the opportunities or possible constraints your project may have. We may also collaborate with architects and engineers at this time.

Initial ideas are illustrated with concept sketches.  These sketches, along with material options are used in deciding project direction and budget.  

Once the focus of work is identified the conceptual plan is refined with the details necessary for installation.  An itemized proposal along with other supporting documents will give you an understanding of the value and all possible upgrades and options available. 

The BTS Difference

At BTS we believe that design and planning is the most important part of every successful landscape. Although all of our projects vary greatly in individuality, we try to employ a constant set of principles on every job.

First, a successful landscape is one that functions well. Although there is much detail that goes into the planning the finished project will be one that appears simple and who's decisions seemed obvious.

Second, we place a high priority on the "marriage" of your home with its natural surroundings. Paying close attention to the existing architecture and the environmental conditions that surround is what allows us to create a "natural" transition.

Third, we understand the effects and implications that development can have on the environment. This is why we feel responsible to make design decisions that will have a positive relationship with nature. By applying regenerative design principles we can create landscapes that are sustainable and will not burden future generations with unnecessary maintenance requirements.